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Sherpaa is Virtual Primary Care for Your Employees

What is Virtual Primary Care?

If you’re in charge of healthcare for your company, you probably feel helpless.

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You know what your claims data shows. You want to get costs under control, but employees keep getting haphazard care. And doctors, who aren't playing on your team and don’t care about your company’s costs, keep billing as much as they can.

Nothing helps.

For decades, you’ve been sold top-down healthcare “solutions” with no measurable benefit— wellness services, activity trackers, video visits, in-house clinics, price transparency tools. And insurance companies keep presenting premium increases happy to continue the status quo as long as you keep paying them. And most brokers you work with keep taking a cut from the old “nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM” solutions.

Change requires thinking radically different about healthcare.

Getting care is wildly expensive. Employees are on their own, so they do their best. They’re going to ERs, urgent care centers, and doctors who couldn’t care less about how much things cost. They’re getting procedures done at local facilities that bill as much as they can. And they've found that shopping around for healthcare is impossible because everyone’s taking a slice at your expense.

Sherpaa is radically different healthcare.

Employees need a 311 for healthcare— a trusted, easily accessible, always available go-to group of doctors who can diagnose and treat employees and coordinate cost-effective local care in real-time. The only way to prevent costs is to get ahead of in-person care. Once you do that, our doctors can work with employees on a case-by-case basis to direct the most appropriate and cost-effective next steps.
We inspire and gain the trust of 50-65% of employees with a fresh, friendly brand.
We offer 24/7 desktop, mobile, and phone access to our full-time physicians.
We diagnose and treat over 1,500 conditions over time, no office visit required.
We prevent 70% of office, ER, and urgent care visits from happening.
We help employees wisely spend money on high ticket care and procedures.
We prescribe and refill, guiding your employees to the lowest cost medications.
We show real-time data summarizing our effect on your co.’s health and costs.
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