Shared Health Alliance offers access to care from Dr. Susan Gonnella and her team of doctors, via Sherpaa.

Dr. Susan Gonnella, on call for you

Dr. Gonnella is board-certified in internal medicine and has been practicing for almost thirty years and exclusively at Sherpaa for the last six years.

Create an Episode of Care to get care from Dr. Gonnella

Do you have the SHA Premier Plan? Care from Dr. Gonnella costs you nothing. Register today and get care whenever you need.

Do you have the SHA Preventive or Basic Plan? There is a co-pay to get 30 days of care.

Sherpaa enables a doctor visit unlike any other doctor visit you’ve had

Dr. Gonnella is your own personal doctor and you get care from her from anywhere at any time, via Sherpaa. Instead of a trip to a PCP or urgent care center, use Sherpaa to create an Episode of Care with Dr. Gonnella. Think of an Episode of Care like an email thread. Within this thread, you’ll:

  • ✚ Send and respond to messages/activity at any time of any day

  • ✚ Share photos to help Dr. Gonnella diagnose and follow progress

  • ✚ Answer Dr. Gonnella’s detailed questions

  • ✚ Call Dr. Gonnella for an urgent issue

  • ✚ View orders for labs and imaging Dr. Gonnella needs you to get

  • ✚ View lab and imaging results

  • ✚ View your prescriptions and choose your pharmacy

  • ✚ View profiles of local specialists Dr. Gonnella refers you to

  • ✚ View the consult reports from specialists you’ve visited

  • ✚ Read up on the details of your diagnoses and instructions for things you can do at home to feel better

  • ✚ Rate your Episode of Care

  • ✚ Rate specialists and facilities you’ve visited in-person

And every time you use Sherpaa, you’re always going to work with Dr. Gonnella. If you’re wondering how much she can do for you entirely online, she can diagnose and treat ~1,500 everyday health conditions without an office visit— from a UTI to skin infections to pneumonia to scary new lumps and high blood pressure.

Easy access to your own doctor = easy, affordable health

Episodes of Care: For anything a PCP or urgent care center would treat. Here are some real life examples:

Hear from a few of our patients

There have been over 5,000 5-star reviews of Sherpaa Episodes of Care.