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Dr. Susan Gonella

Dr. Susan Gonnella is Chief Physician at Sherpaa. She knows we all need help to better our health.

Sherpaa is making healthcare data-driven, transparent, simple. We’re doctors who respond to your health concerns with quickness and care, HR experts who create bespoke healthcare solutions for the unique needs of your company, and data analysts who optimize your healthcare costs.

Sherpaa is health for the 21st century — and it’s only the beginning.

Sherpaa is better:

> For your business.

Our doctors, insurance experts, and data analysts help you make the most of healthcare. >

> For you.

Our doctors resolve your health concerns quickly and conveniently. >

Sherpaa In the News

Sherpaa In the News

Sherpaa is rethinking the health care model along 21st-century lines

- The New York Times

New York company, Sherpaa, guides growing companies towards more efficient, less expensive healthcare.


...Swirnow and Parkinson are using it [social media] to turn healthcare on its head.

- Forbes

This is one of the first times a startup like Tumblr is able to keep up with the benefits that a huge corporation like Google is able to offer their employees.


The Doctor Will See You Anytime

- Wall Street Journal