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Sherpaa is an on-demand doctor practice. It's simple. Use Sherpaa before you spend time and money on ER, urgent care, or doctor visits. Just subscribe, fire up our app, tell us about your situation, and get care. We’ll diagnose, order tests, prescribe, and remain by your side until you’re all better.

We’re doctors with a vision and we’ve pioneered a far better way of communicating and solving your health problems, without all the hassles. Over the last 5 years, we’ve found we can solve 70% of issues without an office visit. Please join us.

Sherpaa Upgrades Your Healthcare

For simple & complex issues.

From UTIs to concerning new lumps, we either diagnose and treat you or serve as your connector and advocate for complicated situations. With Sherpaa, you’re never on your own.

We’re experienced doctors.

Our doctors are board certified and have a minimum of 10 years of experience. They’re expert clinicians and, since you always work with the same doctors, you develop meaningful relationships over time.

Time & money, saved.

We help you stay out of the ER or find your MRI for a better price because we imagine you’d rather spend that $4,000 on a vacation. Medical bills are outrageous. Avoid them like the plague.

We can't do this alone.

To change healthcare, we need people who want more modern, affordable healthcare. Join Sherpaa today and let’s transform healthcare together.

Curious about how Sherpaa works?

You’ll always work with the same doctors. It's like having your own doctor a message or phone call away, 24/7.

Dr. Susan Gonnella

Internal Medicine

Training: UMDNJ Clinical
Experience: 28 years

Dr. Rebecca Stalek

Internal Medicine

Training: Beth Israel, West Virginia University
Clinical Experience: 10 years

Dr. Ana Blohm

Internal Medicine, Palliative Care

Training: Columbia University, Mt. Sinai
Clinical Experience: 12 years

Dr. Gina Jae

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Training: University of Illinois at Chicago, Mt. Sinai
Clinical Experience: 10 years

Dr. Danna Chung

Internal Medicine, Allergy & Immunology, Integrative Medicine

Training: University of Pennsylvania, Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard, Mt. Sinai
Clinical Experience: 11 years

Dr. Ezra Feinberg

Clinical Psychologist

Training: Wright Institute
Clinical Experience: 10 years

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