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Sherpaa is an on-demand doctor practice. Just subscribe, fire up our app, communicate, and get care. Reach out to our doctors first before you visit a primary care doctor, ER, or urgent care center. We’ll diagnose, order tests, prescribe, and check in until you’re all better.

We’re the doctors for employees of some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies and for individuals who want affordable simplicity in their lives. Five years ago, we pioneered this kind of practice. Join up and get care today.

Sherpaa Makes Healthcare Work

Convenient, effective care.

We’re available 24/7 within minutes to diagnose and treat 70% of all primary care issues. We can manage simple to serious issues because the same doctors communicate and care for you over time.

Personalized, local referrals.

When you need in-person expertise, we arrange your care with a local, hand-picked, in-network, Sherpaa-friendly specialist or facility. We’re doctors and connectors who work the local system for you.

Doctors for the ages.

You move cities, change jobs, switch insurance, and travel. Build a consistent relationship with your same doctors, wherever life takes you.

Spend wisely.

Sherpaa helps you avoid costly healthcare, like those urgent care centers full of sick people and unnecessary $5,000 ER visits, so you can spend your money on far better things.

Curious about how Sherpaa works?

You’ll always work with the same doctors. It's like having your own doctor a message or phone call away, 24/7.

Dr. Susan Gonnella

Internal Medicine

Training: UMDNJ Clinical
Experience: 28 years

Dr. Rebecca Stalek

Internal Medicine

Training: Beth Israel, West Virginia University
Clinical Experience: 7 years

Dr. Ana Blohm

Internal Medicine, Palliative Care

Training: Columbia University, Mt. Sinai
Clinical Experience: 12 years

Dr. Gina Jae

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Training: University of Illinois at Chicago, Mt. Sinai
Clinical Experience: 10 years

Dr. Danna Chung

Internal Medicine, Allergy & Immunology, Integrative Medicine

Training: University of Pennsylvania, Beth Israel Deaconess/Harvard, Mt. Sinai
Clinical Experience: 11 years

Dr. Ezra Feinberg

Clinical Psychologist

Training: Wright Institute
Clinical Experience: 10 years

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