Dr. Chung,

Sherpaa is a nationwide online physician practice for large employers powered by our full time group of physicians, care coordinators, and wellness experts. But unlike other telehealth solutions that are only capable of treating a few simple, inexpensive issues, our doctors treat and manage the entire spectrum of acute and chronic issues, the real cost drivers and the real daily issues your employees face. We get our clients’ costs under control— our ~150 companies saw an average 6.5% decrease in their health costs in 2015. Costs decrease because an industry-leading 70% of employees regularly engage with Sherpaa, preventing a majority of costly healthcare claims.

Sherpaa streamlines healthcare.

Find out how Sherpaa can help change how you and your company use healthcare

Sherpaa Offers These Great Benefits:

For Employees

  • Immediate access to Sherpaa doctors
  • More prompt treatment
  • Fewer doctor office visits
  • Fewer out-of-pocket costs
  • Access to wellness experts
  • Happier, healthier lives

For Companies

  • Cut costs (5:1 ROI)
  • Industry leading employee usage (60%)
  • Lower year over year premium increases
  • Less time away from work
  • Medical & Wellness all in one place
  • Happier, healthier employees

What is Sherpaa?

1 Fantastic Doctors

Dedicated doctors who you can consult virtually, whenever you have a medical concern or any questions about your health.

2 Effective Wellness Experts

Dedicated wellness experts partner with our doctors to create bespoke wellness solutions for employees.

3 Knowledgeable Account Managers

Our account managers deliver exceptional service to ensure Sherpaa is best utilized throughout your company.

Just a few of the businesses that trust Sherpaa for better healthcare:

Our Vision Is Smarter Healthcare.

Sherpaa was founded by Dr. Jay Parkinson, trained in pediatric and preventive medicine, who has been innovating in the healthcare space for over 9 years, and Cheryl Swirnow, a human resources expert with over fifteen years' experience helping companies like Nike, Four Seasons, and Rent the Runway. The two are leading the way to healthcare’s reinvention.

Smarter Healthcare For Your Business.

Sherpaa makes it possible: better healthcare and savings.
Just a few press pieces about Sherpaa:

Our Pricing Structure:

  • No setup fees.
  • Monthly fee per employee.
  • The more you use it, the more you save.